I will need the system library returned in the list if the system is included, technically.


It would be good to see how much data was sent over a packet stream and it could be returned as a metric.


Actually the remote side is going to need to handle trust groups and installed libraries. That code could be shared among a large number of clients using the filesystem to manage things. So what I could have is a common set of classes which use the filesystem to store and manage the VM state such as installed programs and such. That way there is no duplicated code. The kernel itself could just use the NIO methods because that is quite direct.


So what do I call these classes? Well the classes will use files and it basically will use them all completely. Basically all of the classes could be used as a base for a kernel regardless of the system. Like it can support using files for everything from record storage to installed things and trust groups and such.


So basically what I would be looking at maybe is kernel-implbase-file.


Seems that trying to build SquirrelJME on a rather dated Debian Jessie system with an old Java 7 version does not work. It fails to find the javac resource in the resource bundle. Maybe what I can do is catch InternalError and try a restart of the compiler using a fallback one. That way it will never fail. Of course I will then need to write an actual Java compiler. It might not be too troublesome and it could be made to be as simple as it possibly can be. The most confusing things however will be generics for the most part.


However InternalError does not exist, so I can just try instead Error.


The problem is that it appears in NewBootstrap and not my build system itself. So this will be quite the thing to solve.


It works on Zero, but breaks on JamVM. I can fix it by including the tools in the classpath when it runs. So basically I need to modify the bootstrap to handle this case, have it detect JamVM to see if it needs JAR inclusion.