Okay, so continuing from yesterday I need to do the following things before I continue with testing:

  1. Change all services to use service calls instead and not the packet stream.
  2. Remove kernel-caller-base it is not needed.
    • Before removal move the stuff for services to ServiceAccessor since it is the same exact code.
  3. Remove kernel-client, not needed.
  4. Remove kernel-server, not needed.
  5. Remove kernel-ipc-base, not needed.
  6. Move the MIDlet stuff out of kernel-lib-client.

And continued from the other day:

  1. Correct up testing system so I can run tests again.
  2. Implement base64 decoding with the standard base64 format, use tests.
  3. Write up a bunch of mock classes with Jasmin and encode them.
  4. Write tests where they just decode those classes and compile them.


Also would be best to make the packet interface some common library I could use in the future for something. Probably Squirrel Quarrel or similar maybe for networking and replays.


Also kernel-service is pointless as it can now be folded into kernel itself. So removing the packet stream really simplifies things for the most part.