Okay so the LCDUI code is going to be changed up a bit again to where the classes which provide the service and those that will connect to it are in the same project. This makes it simple as there will be things which will be needed for things to be implemented accordingly. When it comes to actual framebuffer stuff, the client will initialize a byte array which will then be mapped to the server that way the client has the speed when it comes to drawing. The server will just access the client byte array as needed.


Also, it would help if I looked up that Mode 7 video since it has simple formulas for translations that I can use for flipping and rotation which will be very useful to say the least. I also probably need to simplify the pixel array operations and such too so that way I can have things which are backed by say byte or short arrays for different color spaces. Will also need a way to handle color palettes too for indexed color spaces. So then the thing is, do I have RGB 8-bit and 16-bit values or force them to be palette values? It might be easier to use a palette so that blending could be cached potentially although there could be slowdown. Blending might actually be slower for 8-bit palettes than RGB ones.


I have work so I cannot really do anything now.


For Squirrel Quarrel I have some things which will make the game easier to play and simpler to implement too:


Okay so rotated graphics and otherwise will just be affine transformations and such, either possibly floating point and then additionally fixed point as needed.