Okay so when it comes to displays, tabbed panes will also be able to own displayables so there should be a single class which can store that information along with an interface for safer handling. But at least for tabbed panes that is not really needed, it just needs to be able to get the display it is eventually attached to. Also the current and active displays will definitely vary. There will be a potentially delayed nature because the current display will only be set from the event loop and returned as such. However for local garbage collection purposes I will need to keep a virtual track of the current displayable.


Okay so there is a potential deadlock and that is the invokeNow() method, it is going to slightly be different from Swing so that if it is executing from the event thread itself it just runs whatever it was to run. That way when there are operations such as drawing which need to go back into the system call interface, that is correctly handled as such. For example if during drawing one wants to get the size of a widget, having it invoked and waiting will cause a deadlock just to read the size. And the size cannot be cached locally either, so this would fix that case.


Okay so for actual repainting logic I will need a callback into the program's drawing routine. So this requires a special callback method type in the system call interface. However I think it would be best an abstract class so that input arguments can be checked for validity then commonize those since they are shared the same for system calls. That way I can just use similar system calls and pointers and such.


Okay so the callback cannot of course be linked to a single display because of things, however it is best linked to a single process instead I suppose and displays there could be multiple ones. So I think the best thing to do would be to have task callbacks actually which are managed somewhere based on a task.


Okay so in order for the callbacks to not loop around I am going to need a callback manager in the server. Then once I have that I can call into the remote method for graphics drawing operations as needed. Since Canvas is always double buffered, I suppose I can draw on an internal canvas first and then when that is done I can really just copy it to a remote buffer and then that would be the double buffering! It would work too!


Squirrel Quarrel is definitely old and it definitely needs a refactor. I am going to clean it up definitely!


Okay so, definitely will refactor this. At least now the LCDUI code is where I like it and it is as it is intended to be implemented at least with the event loop, so that makes things nice. I think I will...


I think I will limit this to four players at most so the game can be more efficient when it comes to memory. It is designed for low memory systems and if I can squeeze even more bytes out of everything that will be quite good indeed. I am going to make it quite simple and use as little memory as I can since that would be a good thing. Since I really do want it to be used as a demonstration those extra bytes could really help in the long run.


Also going to remove the species distinction except when choosing a starting unit. All units will use the same amount of supply regardless of species. This will make it simpler to use.


I think instead of Plantian that instead Chlorophid would be better for the plant based species.


Also I think instead of pepper it will be methane.