Okay, so I had an idea for units being visible. Basically instead of having a check that checks fog area, when a unit is linked into the map there can be a bunch of checks done to determine which players the unit is visible to at a basic level. Also based on vision range I can precache shapes and such for them so that I do not need to step through every time, just need to read coordinate data. This might increase speed or it might not even be worth it really, it depends.


For the mega tile ordinals I want something like this:

1 2 4 5
3 6 7 B
8 9 C D

I think that would be a good shape rather than keeping things a bit square and nearby megatiles might not be that far away.


Okay so replays are going to be the first thing that is supported because I definitely need that functionality for testing. Additionally for some replays which are built-in I can have it where the game hopefully is setup the exactly the same for execution runs. So that will be used for synchronization and will help in determining if some behavior changes subtly between two systems and such. Especially long games will be quite the test. But this will help too.


I will need an easy class to write byte data to, one where I never have to worry about IOException ever.


Actually with the replay system it can be quite simple, I only need to handle events and serialize just events and the initial game information. Although it will take longer to resume saved games it will work.


I have an idea for the array graphics. Instead of having duplicate code everywhere I can have base Java files with preprocessor stuff. That way I can write duplicate code and just generate it accordingly with the right macros and such. Manual copy and pasting and hardcore inline is not going to work otherwise.


But before I do that I will need something to run the graphics code, then I can work on making it very optimized according to certain situations as needed.


I do not need a game, I just need a very basic program which performs the drawing operations. Something that can time them would be nice too.


But as for the C preprocessed code, it would be best if each function were in its own source file, that way a composite source file can be made from everything. Basically it will just #include whatever fragements and call into them accordingly. Smaller methods will optimize better so make it where methods that branch like that instead of having multiple branches they just go into another method. That way the locals are kept to a minimum.


Actually, this would be a good test for MIDP, basically have stuff that checks the performance of operations as needed. So this is something that would improve with the testing system. So this means continuing work on the compiler to have working tests.