Okay so re-reading the language specification and annotations can be interspersed with modifiers so this definitely changes things around a bit so I suppose I will need a bit of a refactor of sorts.


Maybe what I can do though is instead of complex states for parsing where each one is a bit complex. Perhaps instead I can read a bunch of tokens in bulk at once and perform basic handling of their meaning based on their position. So basically instead of having it where I handle each token as it comes in it kind of queues up, sort of like a pre-read. At least when it comes to classes, once the declarations are read I can just read the entire class body because every single instance of opening and closing braces will be correct. Also my class parser, I forgot about generics so I would need to handle that to of course.


But this idea basically comes from the fact that I will be deferring checking of fields and methods to be done at compile time. Like my idea was that when a method was read it would just count braces and then pretty much just throw all the tokens in somewhere. I could easily simplify things if I just did that for classes too. It would be a bit easier since there would be less tokens to deal with for the most part. So definitely that is something to do.


I definitely am going to like this better, more exact. I do not need a bunch of extra classes to store state I can really just parse source code ad-hoc rather than having complex state machines and such.


So I had an idea, for the graphics have kind of an implementation static sub-class kind of thing. Basically I can sort of just have a single class or perhaps duplicate classes. Basically just like when I want to draw a line instead it just gets dispatched to a static-like implementation which in short performs the logic. So that way I do not need to complicate the code for brancing or performing blending, it can just have the code in there accordingly and be generated for that. That way I can have a reduced number of branches at the cost of a method call.


I should probably just get all the graphics drawing stuff done with fonts too so that way I can just really work on Squirrel Quarrel fully for the most part.


I need to see which sub-functions to implement first.


Okay so I need: