So now I have a good enough divide by 3, now I need to figure out a good way to average 0xRRGGBB values.


So this is my initial code:

But what I can do is shift some values up the alpha range which will basically not need a mask.

Of course I lose overflow in this.


But the result I want is: average which I can then do some other things with it accordingly.


Actually I could use that average thing. Basically I can just shift down the red and average. That means...

Blue is like the least sensitive color so it might not be so bad.


Maybe using this C preprocessor and such is too ugly. It would probably be much easier to write a program which can output Java source code accordingly and do that. I think in the long run that would be easier to maintain and I could do some insane things in a hopefully safe means. The code generator could also be a bit safer and portable too. I think one thing I could avoid is comments. But one thing I could do though, although it would result in lots of code duplication which I do not want would be write it all in Jasmin. I could do it but I would end up with lots of duplicated code. One of the big things is duplicated code, definitely I should probably just drop the generators and instead have a base class which does all the things. But then once the actual drawing has to be done another method is called which does the thing. That would be a bit duplicated but it would work out. It would be easier to maintain in the long run. Additionally I can make most of the graphics methods final or abstract as needed. The complex code generator would work but personally it is far too complex for my tastes. It would reduce duplicate code but that too complicates things. One thing that I will never do though is call a method from within a loop, because that would be a really bad thing to do. That is where most of the slowdown is, so if I call a method it must only be called once for each invocation and that is it.