I believe I will take a break on forms and canvases and work on forms since that is a rather important part. Those might just be simpler to implement for the most part. Then when I can do CustomItem I can handle canvases at the same time. Definitely though one thing I need before that are tabbed panes since I do want to test multiple things. TabbedPane only supports Form and List sadly, although it would have been cool if the other things were supported. But it is what it is. I will work on the documentation for tabbed panes first.


Okay so Item and Displayable have commands in common, so those will be put in the base class of __Widget__ since it maeks it much easier to handle and have less duplicate code between the two. There just needs super calls.


I should actually start at the base class which is Displayable and implement all of that accordingly.


Menus are quite simple though and could potentially be implemented next along with support for commands and such.


It would be good if I could track progress via the use of a TODO command tracker of sorts, maybe even generate a graph or CSV of it. I think it could be used to keep track of things that were implemented and progress and such.


I am so glad I did UUIDs early on so I can keep track of how projects change over time, that way I can have a most consistent TODO progression of sorts. So that is useful for me since I rarely would ever change a UUID.