Actually the FUSE filesystem is missing some files, like some directories appear to be hidden which means they do not have accurate TODO counts. Will need to write up a new script I suppose that can really go through each file and such.


Okay so I suppose what I need is to make images collectable and allow a means of there being remote references to image data and such. Since the remote graphics system is going to need to know the kind of pixels that are in images. It could be done simply with arrays and such. But one thing that would be useful would be if there were a basic image that supported the various pixel formats and such and stored that data there instead. I could make Image operate over the IPC and such potentially too. Image though is completely internal. So can I base it off a primitive class. But, images that are created and used in the UI might need to have resources created for them such as in Palm OS which requires a bitmap resource to be used for elements. So Image must be collectable. But for that I can use a raw image data class for storing things. When the image is initialized I can just send the server the image properties and the array that makes up the image data.