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You know, MIDP 3 added enabled, images, and fonts. But for pre-existing built in commands it is unspecified if a command is enabled or not. And why would a command be disabled completely and not set to some disabled state in a menu or displayable?


No exceptions are set to be triggered on global commands, so should I warn that it was done or just ignore it. Perhaps I will just ignore it because some other properties cannot be ignored. If a command that is default is set to be disabled then applications are very likely to break especially for stuff like OKAY.


Okay so, onParentEnabled() is executed for each command when the parent is enabled or disabled. I think it only refers to menu items since that is really the only thing that can be enabled or disabled. So I suppose there should be a kind of merger between commands and menus.


Okay so menu items and commands are pretty much the same thing, so a base class they will get. I wonder what I could call the base class.


This would be reduced code between the two things definitely. But at least commands do not seem to be too bad. At least for default commands I will make disabling them do nothing and of course onParentEnabled() would be called for the default commands and do nothing.


Had an idae, menus and commands would be based on actions and would fork from this since they both have similar code. It would simplify things.


Menus are completely new to MIDP so they would not likely be used often unless in very new code like Squirrel Quarrel. I think what would be best though is if there were kind of native action viewers of sorts and maybe just treat everything sort of as a command. Although menus only contain actions.


Menu items do not have a type or priority though, so that would definitely would only exist for commands.


It can be checked if a menu is visible on any display though. So I think it would be best if menus and commands were something that were never extended in implemented subclasses. There would however, be action viewers and such that would take care of things as needed.


Says commands are since MIDP 3 but I think they are older.


Okay so previously commands were very immutable and could not be changed, so this definitely means all of the set ones and some methods become invalid. There are no menus in MIDP 2. MIDP2 for Command just has getCommandType(), getLabel(), getLongLabel(), and getPriority(). So I suppose built-in commands for sanity will just have no effect for these being set. So the commands and menus are a bit complicated now and I think done rather oddly in this case.