Okay so for widgets I have a base class problem. Like I would want a class that does things since there could be some shared widget logic but I also want stuff like LcdList which manages being a list, there could also be a Canvas too. But I suppose for Swing there will need to be some kind of duplication. It would be much easier though if I could use default methods in interfaces. But this VM basically is a Java 7 VM. Default interfaces would be very useful, but I believe I can change the Swing code around. For widgets it really just needs some methods. Right now for swing all I really need is a getJComponent() interface because that is all that is used for the most part.


Unless I have like an interface adapter of sorts, basically I have just a plain widget, but I can have specialized sub-classes and it would act like a derived widget of sorts. There could still be some issues with that. So right now I kind of wish Java had multiple classes, although that would complicate things for the most part. Will need to think on this befor I continue so that way the widget code is not a giant mess.