Still not sure what to do for widgets. I think probably the base thing to do would be to have base widgets that are then final which then have sub-widgets which do the actual native stuff. It just seems a bit nasty. But the best way for sub-widgets would if they were interfaces and not classes. Then this would mean that LcdWidget


So this is still complex and rather confusing because whatever method will end up being complex and rather a pain to use. The only thing that would be the simplest to do is if I just directly used a canvas and performed all the drawing of widgets and such on the local end. Basically instead of doing things on the server, all the server would do is send a size to a client and such. Then the client can send an updated buffer to the server. There could also be event queues and such. Then there would just be a single buffer push from the server and such, treating everything as a bunch of pixels. It would work on every system although that would completely remove accessibility and native navigation when it came to widgets and such. It would completely break on that. It also would not match the native feel of the OS which I still would rather want. So what I have now is rather nice but the base class when more widget types are involved are a complete mess. I really do need native support because that simplifies accessibility and integration of SquirrelJME. Perhaps I just derive sub-classes for every type of widget and some actions will just be duplicated and such. What I can do now though is move off the callback code from widgets to their own class, that would make it easier to use for the most part.


Yes that can work, sub-widgets that are specialized. Just instead of sub-widget I suppose they could be called natives. Perhaps actually just local things which are then given handle information as needed. So basically there will just be like a LocalCanvas which is an interface that is initialized and given a handle to act upon locally along with LcdLocalCallback for any events that happen on it and such. Then all of the LcdWidget stuff will not be extended. Just that it will use a generic type of sorts to show which interface is used for the sub-class.


Basically every collectable would be created with a native resource and such so that would be derived for everything, including menus perhaps. Menus would be complex a bit because the widget would need to build them up. I can actually re-implement the server without changing any client code since it works equally for the most part.


So since the old code would be rather messy to correct to the changes like this, I will just write up completely new code to handle the stuff and such.


Will completely change the design so that collectables of certain types have collectable resources and such. I have to design it with everything in mind to where it would be the least hassle to do things.


Well, I can probably keep it. I just need a kind of adaptable thing like a menu viewer and a ticker viewer and such.