Whew so I have at least todo.DEBUG able to be parsed for its basic outside structure with the parser. That was a bunch of work. Now that I have that I will move onto getting it where it can parse sources with annotations and such so that way I can build the dynamic test system and such.


Okay so to correctly handle annotations there will need to be actual expression handling. The values for all annotations are going to be actual expressions and such so there is that. This means the structure parser is going to be mostly for syntax only for the most part. This then would need to be thrown into an actual compiler to be handled at least on a documentation or test generation level.


So basically the code which will be generating tests will be for the most part be running a basic compilation where it loads constant values and knows all of the used types. So that part of the compiler will need to be handled. But once all of the stuff is parsed for the most part it should be a bit easier to determine what is what. There would basically be a compilation unit processor of sorts.