Okay now the classes have been renamed and all of that so for the most part everything is under syntax. I am not going to worry about laying out and handling the structures until I can get the annotations parsed and at least the file with tests parsing correctly. But once that is done I will need to process all of the syntax and setup symbols and such resolving everything that is needed to make sense of what is what. Once I have that I can just look at that information rather than needing to compile it for now. However I would have the bulk part of the compiler done (probably the biggest portion) and the actual compiler part would just be parsing expressions and making class files and such. So just to make the test system work I have perhaps half the compiler completed. At least with the syntax parser having a bunch of checks it will make it easier to write the compiler since it does not have to check everything out and such.


I should setup tests for the compiler in its own protected namespace and such.


Okay so I need to actually parse expressions because annotations can contain actual expressions and such. Hopefully expressions are not that complex at all because that could be a bit complicated. However the expression tree should be completely within the grammar so the expression handlers.


Expressions are recursive so I think the best thing to do would be to have multiple methods for parsing expression types and having a large number of sub-classes. I just need to figure out a way to form the expressions and such together. I do wonder though if order of operations is handled, well not quite but an expression will contain a list of expressions although that could be a bit complex. Perhaps though what I need is a sub-expression. Expressions contain sub-expressions, but an expression can be a sub-expression. I think that would work out the best way as there can be various expression types.