Okay, I have literally have not touched SquirrelJME in two months because I have a new job at IOpipe (where I am a Java developer, do check it out) and I was prepping moving. Also things were rather stressful at my old home so now the conditions are rather better for me and I can really concentrate. I think seeing this code again that I have not touched in so long, to be honest I think it is rather silly. I know things have been repetitive and such but to be honest I think I am just kind of constantly looping around doing all different things. In short I am writing very complex things and trying to get it perfect the first time. This is literally impossible. Putting it into perspective the first project has to be a mess and it has to be a complete utter mess that would be insanly horrible to use in the end product. It has to be simple to get it at least working somewhat. One thing that is difficult for me is figuring the parts out that are pieced together. I think right now the best choice to make would be to translate the byte code instructions to a register based virtual machine. Basically I turn the input byte code into output byte code. Then I write an interpreter for that byte code. I think for simplicity I am going to completely not perform any checks on the input byte code just to get a proof of concept going. What I need is something that can generate a really ugly format that the VM can load. I think what I can do is take the existing WinterCoat. But I think something that would work for me at least this super hacky first concept would be called SpringCoat. This SpringCoat will be its own independent system that is not intended to be used for the rest of the compiler interface. Basically I am going to write this to be completely throw it away. If anything it will just remain as an old product of sorts. I am just going to go through every class file and just not even care how horrible or bad the input is. It is just something to put my paw into the door so to speak. I know I had a Java compiler to write on the side due to timing, but I think I will put that aside for a bit to work on SpringCoat. This is going to be extremely hacky but it will be a demo. Even though it would be hacky it could then lead the way to SummerCoat which would be the next step. Refining the process.


I am not even going to put the stuff in the JIT. It is just going to be tossed into the build system. What I need first is to write the actual virtual machine first before I have a working compiler. I just have to kind of guess what to do for the most part. I do also have to match Java in a way. So I guess in the virtual machine I will take a recursive approach to things. Basically there will be basic class definitions. References to interfaces or super classes and such will purely be done by references to. Then for field values, they can just be stored in an instance with a variable specifier. The same can be said for methods depending on the class itself. So it will use a ton of memory but it will work.