Well, my new job has been going well working at IOpipe. I love it. It does take a bunch of my time since it is full-time. Also recently I removed a distraction from me and honestly it seems really peaceful now like I can think and such. Maybe I was addicted. But anyway, going to continue work on SquirrelJME. I got a new logo designed and Lex is being redesigned by CYMKat.


Need to figure out the best way to initialize classes. But honestly I think something that just works will be good enough. Because I hit this problem before where I tried to solve it without understanding it. SpringCoat is supposed to be dirty and not the best way to implement. I mean once everything is working much better I can recycle and reiterate to SummerCoat and slowly develop everything.


Would be easiest to invoke a static main entry point, will not need to deal with initializing objects and such.


I think having services would be a bit too complex, something more direct might work out better in the end. But I will avoid thinking about this until I actually write SpringCoat. Hopefully I can write SpringCoat.


Actually an idea, it is inefficient but it could work. Basically when I load and initialize a class I load all of its information such as fields, methods, and other things. Then I maintain everything that is actually available for the class. So there will be duplicated information but it will remove the need to do recursive handling of classes and such. I can load everything as it needs to be for a class and just use back references and such. But I need the basic class hierarchy to exist first before I can process fields and methods. But basically say I load class A, that will load Object. No class can recursively depend on each other, so there is no issue there.