So I loaded methods into a giant table and they can be looked up so that is nice.


So how do I want to go about the virtual machine and the stack along with threads. Perhaps those can be a part of SpringMachine which can be initialized with the class loader.


I am going to completely avoid argument handling and such until I reach that point. It will horribly crash probably definitely. Although I definitely will likely need the stuff soon, I will handle it later.


The first lucky instruction is ALOAD0.


The first to be implemented though is NOP, that is easy. I think today was a rather productive. Not much was done though but small steps count twords the journey. At least I got something working. Actually it was nice actually working on this project because it has been awhile. I missed it. I am actually feeling much more happy that I got rid of a major distraction that kept me from doing things, so that is nice. Goodnight!