Cool so I got the source file and the line information, I think this will really help me figure out issues in SpringCoat by allowing me to more easily see the Java code that is there.


Looks like I am going to have to initialize objects! So this will be fun but I suppose since Java is pretty much a bunch of objects there is no other direction to head in. But at least I got some basic execution going on. Once I can implement new instance and initialization and such, things should hopefully be fine.


Honestly the service code and such will completely complicate the design of the compiler and all of that. I think I want something that is very simple and basically is unsafe. Just native methods that do special things for the most part.


Cleaned my apartment, which is nice.


So now static initializers are called. Since Object is the first class to be initialized, its static initializer sets the initial seed value in the static field. So I need to implement static fields at least.


I was thinking of something then I did something else and I forgot, I wanted to go back to it but I just cannot remember it at all.


SummerCoat is going to be a virtual machine which instead of the Java stack machine all of it will be treated and compiled using just registers. Will not worry about optimization at all. But it will effectively start off as being SpringCoat just reiterated and rewritten in parts to become a register based machine. That way I can understand how it works for the most part before I develop more a compiler.


Thinking about it, having Object store a Class<?> is probably a bad idea and will complicate the recursive nature of things. I am going to want a way where I can just use the same logic for Class<?> without going magical. So I will do that. I think the class argument will just be specially handled so that it performs a lookup or similar. Basically the allocation code will set that field in object. I think that is the cleanest way because I do not want to have more special classes than I desire.


Best way to store static fields? Not too sure here.