Had an idea for the test framework, instead of super complex things instead just make individual tests in an enum. Each test could be different in that each constant implements a test, if not then the outer body can declare a test. I think this is the simplest. Also there can be test parameters so that undefined tests can run also, depending on the input. It should reduce the boilerplate and should be much easier to implement. Also I will be able to put it on real CLDC systems much easier for testing purposes. I think this is the best way to go. The only thing I need is something that can compile Jasmin assembly files which I could potentially spend time writing since I do need to write some invalid classes and such. Well maybe not Jasmin directly but some derivative where I can write the class directly and such in a well meaning fashion (probably just a Jasmin clone then). This way I can test all the weird and different ways to do things. The only problem is that the test constants will be a bit odd for this since they are testing classes themselves. But we shall see.