Tested building on Windows, it works. I have to split SpringCoat because it would be best if it were in runt/libs then I could build a virtual machine midlet that uses the build system on top of that using some class path adapter and such. That way it can potentially be used within a J2ME environment itself as a kind of bootstrap or similar. Maybe potentially a package a bunch of JARs and their contents as a single J2ME program for running. Since it runs the SquirrelJME environment it would be able to run at a much slower rate, the build system to do things potentially. It probably is not useful at all. But actually since J2ME I believe allows the installation of new JARs maybe it can work. I do not know if the older APIs support this in any way. But raw suite management and such could be managed by the CLDC itself, basically just allow access to a virtual JAR and its contents, manifests, accordingly.


The internal CLDC API stuff needs to definitely be simplified because it is really complex for the most part. Definitely stuff like direct pointers and such will be easier, because GUI interfaces will be using that stuff anyway.


I think I will rework the proprietary for-profit license and make the future logos and mascot under the CC-BY-SA proper and remove the restrictions. But note that the mascot is trademarked. I could potentially register SquirrelJME as a trademark that way there is some protections for me at least.