Okay so the wrong value was getting pushed or loaded, but it is in a constructor which takes a long argument so I believe that the top of types has not be handled.


And that works now.


So the full frame is wrong with there is a long/double, it is missing a top so I suppose that is very much implied perhaps.


Okay so, the top is just implied in the local variable info. So that is fun.


I had an idea. For native instructions and such I really do want to keep it in Java code or at least have something very close. So what I can do is, when I write my own Java assembler I can have impdep1 be used for these things. Since this instruction is reserved I can just use it and the class dumper should be fine with it. Since I cannot encode any information into it and it would actually be quite complicated, I can have an extra attribute in the byte code which contains the meaning for every one of those instructions. So when my assembler reaches a special native assembly kind of thing it will just pretty much do the thing with it. I will just have this assembler and the compiler itself which will be for everything related to the Java language. It will pretty much be the same tool really.


I also thought the progression of VMs:


Also, I thought instead of MIDlets, I will just have a basic hello world kind of thing. That is simple and shows things off nicely.


Now I just really want a basic demo that does the one thing.


Note sure how I want to handle Reference and such.