Okay so, how can I define multiple tests and how can I make them quick and easy to implement without needing tons of classes. It has to be limited to match and run on the VM itself, so it should not depend on any SquirrelJME specific stuff. I know JUnit is complex and uses annotations so it cannot be used.


Maybe I am overthinking this though. Like what if it does not need to be as complex as this. I could really just setup a list of classes like in the manifest, being Test-1, Test-2, etc. And it could just be that. Then single tests will just be those classes. However there needs to be a class to latch onto because getResourceAsStream() is local to the JAR the class is defined within.


There is however Suite.getAttributes() which reads from the manifest. And Class.forName() can locate classes. It is rather complicated though and implementing a whole new portion of code would be quite complex a thing to do. So I need to simplify the design more.