I figured out a simple way to do tests. Basically every test can be a MIDlet which all have instances, then the name of the test is just derived from the class. So that means one test per class. The test could do whatever it wants. This also allows me to store results and default parameters for the test in resources. There can probably be different classes depending on the type of result the class takes. It would be all abstract classes. The base class will handle running the tests, then higher level classes will handle unfolding parameters and such. The base class will just take the parameters and push them into an array, with an object for a return value. The higher level classes will just unfold accordingly. I think this will work out.


All the tests will just be in the default package I guess, since it works.


Okay so this is very simple for the most part, which is nice. I think this is going to be far easier to use and implement.


So now I have a working test system. I think I am going to take an idea from where I work and have secondary key/value pairs that can be used to specify extra values to test against and such. This would be useful for tests where there are no results but I need to test these values.