So now the thing to do would be to make it so the test framework can run in SpringCoat. This will be rather important!


Okay so getResourceAsStream() does not handle . and .. so this makes my life easier.


I think implementing HashMap is a point where it can be tested using the tests while I implement it. Oh but the thing is, I need HashMap to run the tests due to how the manifest is stored. So I cannot really test it I would say until it is implemented. But at least I can write a test for it first.


Okay, I definitely need secondary results now!


Okay, with all of the secondary values, finding it hard to compare values!


Okay so now that I have some testing at least for HashMap, it is time to implement it. Since this code will be shared in common with LinkedHashMap using the same internal stuff (just the later operates as a linked list) I will write a basic map storage mechanism.


Also not to mention HashSet has the same implementation of HashMap.