There is a freeze at the given frame and I think it may be related to conversion or compatible objects:


Seems the issue is in context class.


cc.squirreljme.springcoat.vm.SpringThreadWorker.contextClass seems to be the issue, it must be looping here.


Okay so there is a loop definitely with finding instructions. A new frame is not being inserted, but there definitely is a problem with the byte code parsing.


I think CharArraySequence is fine. It must be more up the stack. The next is java/lang/String.charAt:(I)C which is really simple, I think if that failed it would be bad and not work anywhere else. But there are no enter frames being done at all which means that code is still executing somehow.


I believe I am going to need a debugger that can be ran from the console or otherwise.


Okay the code is really stuck at:

So to investifate that.


There is some kind of loop, it might be if_icmpgt.


Looks like it is stuck on a GOTO.


And it is:

53: iload         4
55: bipush        48
57: if_icmplt     73
60: iload         4
62: bipush        57
64: if_icmpgt     73
67: iinc          3, 1
70: goto          53

This block of code just compares values. And it is at Formatter.java:422. This is reading a number from the input.


Duh, I am stupid, because I am only reading the value one.


I need to figure out how to check for overflow, actually I can use division or just check the bits I guess?


Cheating a bit, Character.toString() is just a basic sequence initialized for a single character since that is the solution with the least amount of memory and object space used.


Okay so for the test failing, I believe getResourceAsStream() is failing.