Cool! So floating point random works and it passes at least for me. So I guess the 1 ulp being away for log is not too bad a concern for now. Will need to figure that out sometime. Also there is another thing to add, SquirrelJME now has a sister project https://github.com/meepingsnesroms/libretro-palmm515emu which is a Palm m515 Emulator which is pretty cool. So we will both release on Christmas what we have. I should probably have something runnable and such, perhaps also have some kind of graphical thing I can do as well. I should probably by then get a better implementation of primitive arrays and such as well. I will need that for LCDUI framebuffer if I go there for that.


I think for debug messages I am going to need a flag to determine if something came from the host VM or the guest VM.


Okay so accessing the manifests and such in the suite takes forever because the resources need to be read and handled each time. A longer lived cache would be better for this. Honestly if a Suite is not reference anymore that stuff could be cleared. Otherwise it is very slow.


19 minutes 46 seconds to run everything.