So I am definitely going to change how the LCDUI code works, definitely. It was a giant mess, but I want it to be far simpler than how it used to be. I think for simplicity I am just going to have a single framebuffer of sorts and ignore native UI stuff. I mean it will not match the UI, but honestly it is far easier to maintain and it would be consistent across SquirrelJME. Also I would only need to write it once. The removal of the service code and the complex kernel stuff has greatly simplified things for the most part. So I want to continue that and save me the hassle.


From social media:

This time around for the LCDUI implementation, I will be taking the easier and simpler route. Before the system was far too complex and was pretty much hyper modular, but that increased complexity made it very unwieldy.


I am going to need to write a profiler for SpringCoat so that I can measure the performance of how things run. Even though the VM is super slow it could still be useful in finding slow code to optimize!


I am going to make the first version 0.2.0 instead of 0.0.2. If there are any forks or hotfixes for 0.2.0 then they can be released as 0.2.1 and such.