I now have a blank panel created! So joy!


Need to figure out how the repaint works when resizing. When the widget is resized...... Oh, it likely is because the framebuffer has not been invalidated and it still using the old one.


Next thing to do is to draw actual widgets and do all of that stuff. So this means widgets will need to get their sizes known and such. Then there would be a widget draw loop and such.


I need to handle repaints better, because right now displays can be flooded by them.


So drawing from inside of the VM itself works! Although it is insanely slow and honestly it takes forever. But it is nice to see that it works though. Running outside of SpringCoat the drawing operations are insanely fast however. But what I do think I can do is to have an accelerated graphics setup where it can draw into the display's framebuffer. If I can offload most of the primitive graphic operations to the host and keep it outside of the VM then I can definitely speed things up!