Okay, so I do not know how to continue with the font stuff. But what I can continue with though is reading of the PCF file. I think after that I will have a better idea how to do things. So I will develop a midp-lcdui test that just reads a font and makes sure it is read and such. It will be disguised as a test just for loading the font format.


Before I can decode the PCF format, I need to fix the Base64 decoder because it is completely messed up!


Okay so that works, now need to figure out the MIME decoder now. Pretty sure I will make this line based with a BufferedReader so that way I can kinda just more easily handle the logic. Although it would be a bit slower to be honest.


Would be a bit slower, but it would be a bit more easier to implement and likely a bunch more sane.


Okay that works nicely, so now that I have that I can continue to font decoding. But at least all of that decoding stuff is fine now.


Maybe as a side thing I can work on is the SDK for compiling against. I think the best route would be to like merge everything as a single project and just compile source from it and such. Like make all the APIs in the CLDC libraries the classes to be used. Strip all code and everything else from it. So like you could not run it, you would need to run it on SquirrelJME itself. This would simplify things and such for example.