It is now December!


One optimization I can do I guess which probably will not work is to have a shorthand error string. I do sometimes wonder if all of the error strings will take up too much memory. But if they do I can manage that with a special method and such that can handle things.


This text placement code is pretty complex. I should probably do a rewrite of it and have it logically done on draw lines internally rather than individual characters. I think that would probably be easier to handle as well. At that point alignment would be cheap because it operates on an entire junk. The only trouble would be justification which will have to spread the characters out a bunch. But even then it would be simpler. So I would say logical lines are the best. It would also probably be easier to understand as well.


Okay! I figured out how to handle LTR and RTL! I will use the line logic because that makes it easier. The line logic simplifies everything pretty much but anyway this is how it goes: When in LTR mode the insertion index of where a character is placed in a line is always at the end of the line. However for RTL, the insertion index is not adjusted at all. So if a unicode indicator says we should switch to RTL we can handle that by just saying: do not increment the index anymore. Going back to LTR mode will just mean setting the insertion index at the current end of the line. It should work pretty much. Also, doing it by line as before just makes center and right alignment a single operation rather than messing with each character. So line based handling is completely a win.


I think before I refactor the text drawing code to operate in logical lines I will get characters drawing first. I think that would be amazing for the most part.


Okay so, the basic sequence stuff for fonts and things should be an abstract class instead of an interface. It is being used like an abstract class plus abstract classes are faster potentially.


I believe some of the drawing stuff is wrong if the pitch is off.


Did some debugging of my font and monospace fonts are not monospace! So this definitely needs some fixing.