Okay so some ideas for SummerCoat after wokring on SpringCoat. Since there are multiple tasks and such, I will need a central task manager which will be very important and such. So, the VirtualMachine instance will be each individual task. This will be created by a kind of hub class which then spawns VMs. In SpringCoat the task manager was kind of slapped on after the fact because I did not have any concept of tasks so it is a bit odd. For this next VM, having a central task manager which spawns even the main task will be much easier to handle. Then at least global resources like the framebuffer can be shared using the single root information thingy. Of course to simplify garbage collection and such, I will need to figure things out. Since SpringCoat cannot be garbage collected using reference counting. I want the layout to be in a way where SummerCoat can be garbage collected. Also, SummerCoat need not be able to handle threading and garbage collection itself. The later RatufaCoat will need to have the ability to do cooperative threading since not all systems may have threads and such.