For SummerCoat I am going to need a cache system for the register class form and such, at least that would be the quicket solution to things anyway. But basically it will be able to cache and load the various register forms of classes and such for their byte code. The big thing though probably before I get most things running is the class translation.


I am going to need a SCRF merger, so that way multiple SCRFs with super classes and interfaces can be combined into a single piece. Although this might not be needed and it might cause more space to be used. I do not want to go too crazy on this because otherwise I might end up feature creeping before anything is ready. So I will figure it out later. I have learned a bunch of things from SpringCoat which definitely is now affecting how I am writing SummerCoat.


So the hardest part is that initial stuff like object allocation. Like I need a thread and stuff that can run, along with a means of allocating things so I kind of have to work on class loading and such. Not too sure yet how I want to handle having classes initialize. I do need a thread before objects can be initialized so I do need running code and such. I should just build the overlying structure for that and fill in the pieces. I did it for SpringCoat so I am really just doing something very similar.