Rather itching to get back into developing this a bit. I think I just need to keep it simple for the most part. Not going to do CPU engines and such, just going to basically have tasks and threads. Of course before I can even run code and such I am going to need the SCRF stuff. I think the cleanest thing for me to do would be to write a translator for class files and such. But instead of writing all of it at once, I can just write it as I go along since I know how the JVM works and I have some ideas for things. One idea would be turning the native call methods and a few other methods into optimized code or system calls and whatnot.


What I can do is actually move some things like the profiler and the class loader into the task status. Maybe there could be a thing where I can get the suites for a task which is running? Probably would be best to put system properties in there as well, might be useful.


What I need is a way to enter the thread for execution for example from the LCDUI event handler, since that is always done from a single thread. I should handle that case first in a way where it is not a complete hack and such. Since the LCDUI thread is kind of explicit and is magically created I guess.