So I need to figure out, is there a quick to read and compact form for class names and such. I really want to exploit the string table because that would minimize the space usage greatly. For example there are going to be ton of stuff that is like net.multiphasicapps and having those strings repeated over and over again for each class is going to be quite big. So I really need a class to specially handle this. I think something which is more useful to what would be needed by a VM would be good.


Actually instead of throwing everything into a VTable, it would be far cleaner and easier to parse the format if it were in multiple tables. I added CTables which will just contain the description of the class. This will definitely help with not needing to parse a VTable. It also reduces the size of the VTable since class flags are not being stored in there for example. So this reduces the run-time requirement. I also just want the VTable initialized at run-time per method as well so that is faster and far less information is duplicated as well.