I am waiting for the dragon book to arrive so I can continue work on the compiler, so that way I can hopefully get an understanding of how it works and such. So otherwise I will be pretty much waiting for that to happen.


I guess I will see how much I can get the build system running and such in SummerCoat, would help and I think it would be interesting. Although I lack a compiler so not much could be done though. I can though at least have stubs for the filesystem and such.


Could use a slight refactor of the test framework when it comes to serialization and deserialization.


Want to make it easier to launch tests. The name of the tests in the database is stuff like testsforconnectionlimiteddeviceconfigurationcompact.lang.TestInvokeSuper which is quite a long string to enter lol.


The suite query is just very slow, especially with SpringCoat... I think I might want to multi-thread it so it can complete a bit faster.


And now the test names are far more simplified: cldc-compact.lang.TestInvokeSuper! So this makes things much easier to call a specific test.


Main arguments are not being passed to launch in the build system so this definitly needs fixing.


Actually no, I am polling and not peeking so it gets removed.