I wonder if I could do some more optimizations to the suite list initialization.


I definitely need a faster hash map algorithm. Maybe I can use partitions. Basically, think of a filesystem. Then the buckets and such will just use pointers into the partition table.


Maybe I can do a partition based scheme, where I have a base set of items. If there is a collision I could split, although that seems a bit complicated.


So I was thinking maybe for SummerCoat initially since I do not have the books I need yet, what I could do is just translate the stack directly to a register machine with all of the stack operations in place already. It would not be efficient but it would be something. Then I can just adapt that to RatufaCoat as well. I think that would be a first good process so that way when I run the actual optimizations, things work as expected and such. So design the VM with a literal direct stack translation first.


Definitely! This will be similar to SummerCoat but it would be faster and I could do RatufaCoat earlier. This just will save the hassle of making sure things will work, because I would have a working VM! So really the first thing I need to do is initialize the initial set of entry registers and such, figuring out the space needed for registers. They will be considered as 32-bit, only their lower value matters. So internally the VM will just be purely 32-bit. 64-bit operations will be done by special instructions, which could be handled accordingly. Initializing the initial set of registers is simple because it is just static and the input arguments. The first set of registers will be the method arguments and such!


But first though, I need helper classes to help me setup the registers and track them! Squeak! At least with a linear pass, I do not really need to worry about anything. When it comes to the stack map table I do not care which values are where or how they are replaced. So according to the stack map, an initial register state will be set to match what is needed. There will just be a virtual stack pointer as such.


I think the stack map table is initialized with the states I need... so I might not need to even touch the descriptor processing stuff. At least the stack map table should be implicit, at least I believe I wrote it where there is always an entry even if it was never defined.


I sort of do not need the virtual register set, like I do not even need to really care for types as much as I do. I do not care about the stuff and the type might be derivable from the code. However much of it is implicit so that means I need to keep track of at least the Java types on the stack anyway. So I need that.


I do not even have printing of stack map tables.


Okay, I am getting a bit tired and sleepy so. I do not want to push myself since I am feeling a bit limited.