Working on the population count code and fixing all of the various bugs in the class loading code. Since every class is read, I guess this works as a nice test.


Okay, so need to make a decision on implementing or doing complex stuff related to stack shuffling. So far the instruction totals are this:

So I think this helps. I am not going to put much effort into it since I do not see the point in making all this complex stuff for what amounts to less than 1% of the instruction space. Plus DUP_X1 is [v2, v1] popped and [v1, v2, v1] pushed, so I can copy v1 and then alias it for the second usage of it. I think that is simple enough. Speaking of this, I should add a check in the stack state that ensures locals always have the same value and that stack entry values only point to self and lower entries.


Also speaking of that I want to count TODOs as well.


So of all the methods with code, 30% of them throw at least one TODO. So this rather puts down how much of SquirrelJME is incomplete as of the current code that exists. Of course this number will fluctuate when new features are added.


Okay so, for the stack shuffle states since the stuff is so complex and potentially error prone, I am going to use strings to represent how the stack is transformed. Before I used objects and since the stuff was long it was very hard to verify it.


I have been thinking, I am going to delay AutumnCoat by a release so that way I am not just writing virtual machines. I think SummerCoat/RatufaCoat would be good enough for now. If I get more programs supported I think that would be nice.