Okay so now to working on the compiler, I think the hardest bits are done. The rest is just math. Things like the super complex multianewarray I have already done in SpringCoat by using a helper method.


I have an idea to simplify array store operations, the logic is complex and could throw an exception so I was thinking of a JUMP_IF_NULL_OR_OOB_REFCLEAR that can jump to two different positions. Then I can just have a general exception handler accordingly instead of other things I suppose.


Okay so with these expanded checks to make up whole instructions such as the IFLT_REF_CLEAR jump I can do things like making and checking things part of the output code. I think in the end this would be far simpler because it splits out the complexity of Java operations and instead just has it part of the code. I mean I did place in exception handlers for this reason. Plus any future optimizer could optimize out some of these checks anyway and instead of handling super complex operations, this will just make it so things are a bit simpler.


Okay so SquirrelJME's release is in less than three weeks and I need to make SummerCoat and RatufaCoat. The register based code is a bit complex and it is nearing 2000 lines of code. There are also a bunch of other parts of the code as well. I do not know if I should continue with what I have and try to make it work or drop it and take a step back from what I have learned. The compiler is much more complex than I anticipated. I already have the bulk of what the library does, I just need a compiler to run the more optimized byte code and such. So...


Okay so... what I have is essentially super complex and I worry about the register stuff like for stack caching and such and all of that. I know the stack machine is really slow but perhaps what I can do instead is just to a straight up 1:1 translation of the byte code. I have all the instructions I need for this and I do not need to at all make up new ones. Like I literally could just 1:1 map things with no caching. I should hopefully be able to do it in a few days if I work on it hard. At least once I have that I can still use the minimizer and still write SummerCoat and such.


I think an extremely niave approach is the first thing to do then. It is the simplest, and then I can write SummerCoat and RatufaCoat. It will not be as fast as I intended it to be, but that could be the next release or the release after. I do not really want to write compilers for awhile, I want to just work on the library.