I think what I want to do after I translate everything is to go through it again and make a simpler instruction set which is less like Java but more like native machines. Had an idea to do a hypercall which is like invoke_method but instead uses pre-defined set of methods. I would use this for stuff like new, monitors, instanceof, and otherwise. Basically I want everything to be more CPU-like rather than Java-like. I think this would involve as well having dedicated register areas. But I will do this after everything is translated since this seems rather complex. I would probably want to model it to be similar to MIPS or similar. But basically I want to remove the complexity and make it so less instructions have to be implemented and such.


Actually for the reference counting stack, it could be kept seperate. It could literally just be a memory address that is incremented when values are stored and such. That is a simple translation.


Also always a zero register. While writing everything here, I definitely can see how this more native set will turn out.


Okay these translators are still a bit too complex and I hit a bug where I have to go back and figure out which operation went wrong which is not going to be easy to do. I think what I am going to need in the class file stuff is to make translation utilities where I can just do abstract methods and such. I do like the simplified instructions, those are very nice.


Okay I definitely need to refactor and simplify the processor. I think what I will do is to do that first then see where to go. I think after that I can determine to continue or re-iterate on that.


Okay so I am going through the instructions and figuring out how to build the instruction set. But basically the CMP, CMPL, and CMPG will just be math operations since that is how they really work!