This minimizer writing is going well, following a good rest.


Okay so the mimized class for the ByteDeque class is 25K which is pretty big. Seems most of it is taken up by the code table. I could probably write the native code a bit more compact. I use shorts for everything but I could invent a 1 or 2 byte format. Since these values are unsigned, if the highest bit is set then read another byte. This would reduce the memory requirements because a single class taking up 25K is quite a bunch!


Okay so before and after the constant pool shortening:

So I did not reduce the space much.


Making the hashCode in STRING just be 16-bits gives me:

So I think all the space is being taken up by the minimized instructions because there are a ton of 16-bit values.


I think I need to step away from the minimizer a bit and write a javap utility. This will be something that will integrate with the class format code along with the minimizer code. Definitely it should be made to help me debug the minimized format.


The good thing about suites is that I do not need the vendor and suite name, so I can use my idea to just keep them as hashcodes and such.