Okay so the compiled code I wrote is going to be interesting to say the least because it is more akin as to how a native machine would run the code rather than say a virtual machine based in Java. I mean I want this because the later points of where SquirrelJME runs in RatufaCoat or native binaries is going to produce the thing I want. SpringCoat purely acts in the Java space. I know what has to be done to initialize the code processes though as I pretty much have that code. Just that I see problems within the virtual machine. So this means SummerCoat is going to have to be more like RatufaCoat in implementation which means RatufaCoat is going to be easier to write once things are translated. So this pretty much is going to be a native like virtual machine. It effectively is going to be RatufaCoat but in Java. But since I am most comfortable in Java (I do know C and have used it for like 18 years but I would not want to write something from scratch in it really). So this basically is what will become of SummerCoat, it has to be more like what I would envision RatufaCoat. Effectively just a bunch of memory and CPU code execution using the register setup I envisioned.