Okay so the release of SquirrelJME has been pushed back another two weeks. I definitely need it since otherwise there would be lots to do in a week and a half and I definitely do not want to cut out RetroArch or similar. I just implemented array allocation as well. I do however need to implement the reference queue stuff and such and any logic to uncount as needed. Actually I do not need any extra instructions or otherwise, I can just internally track the reference queue for clearing. Like it only has to be handled locally. Reference queues for the most part are only done for single instructions at a time. So I just have to make copies and then uncount when cleared. Completely removing this from the VM side simplifies things because it means less instruction types to handle.


This means all the reference clear instructions go away as well and for any jumps which do reference clears will just be turned into special reference clearing handlers then jumping. So this means there is a new EnqueueAndLabel type along with generators for that.


Actually for like PowerPC atomics only operate on words, so that will be an important thing. This means objects need to get integer alignment for things so this means that objects are just 4 bytes bigger now. Not too bad.


Seems the wrong pool values are being read. So will need to fix that.


I was not loading the field offset correctly, so I was off by 8!