Actually operating with just the kernel class having a pool and being initialized is a bit difficult. I want something that will allow me to use any class I want very easily. I should actually have some kind of ROM initialization. I really do need to build the ROM, or at least ROMlets. I want ROMs at the JAR level then all those JARs. So what I really need to do now is to build the actual things. Then at least for like CLDC compact I can have completley setup bootstrap constant pools which allow for CLDC compact to be fully handled with a full kind of fake VM state, so that way I can actually use every available class. It would only be handling CLDC compact so it would only know about it and all the related classes. So it would act like a really faked virtual environment that should heopfully end up reducing the amount of initial work the kernel needs to do as it has already been pre-calculated in the ROM.


Since I do not want to obviously duplicate the work that the kernel is doing when pre-booting classes, it will just be light stuff. I think all I need is pool data, strings, and ClassDataV2 to be initialized for the most part.


So I have more of the classes loaded. One thing I need to consider are instance methods and such. How do I effectively handle these method calls in a quick and efficient manner? I could do like a double dispatch of invocations so that they are chained while using internal pool stuff and such. To be honest I have not solved instance invocations yet. They should be static but it is not entirely possible for them to be static for example, there will need to be a dispatch of sorts.


Okay so I have method dispatch tables in the pool now, which will be used for instance methods. Is the simplest way to handle them. The only thing is that initializing the virtual machine from within itself is pretty complex. Also it is pretty messy as well. The bootstrap stuff in the JAR seems heavy, and the very heavy SummerCoat initialization is also heavy as well. So I just had this idea, what if I instead of doing pre-initialized methods have instead like a modified byte code form for the boot method. Java is a complex machine and this stuff could easily be done in C. So how could this be simplified?