Okay so, I think I can do something far simpler when it comes to the bootstrap from within the JAR. Initializing all of the class stuff is for the most part complicated, especially for every single class. The most important part to initialize is the link table for say the kernel and such. But it would be very useful for the kernel to have access to a pre-initialized ROM of sorts. Or even just boot code from within the kernel itself or similar. Maybe I just need to flesh out all the assembly operations to see what is available from within the VM, but it will not be much.


Okay how about this, just a simple basic table of pointers for the library. I can just change how Kernel.__start() works with it being a static method and all the other stuff being static methods. As long as I have enough basic methods and such, I should be able to initialize the current classpath. I just need a pointer to the various methods because now I can invoke them statically.


Okay so a font size of 24 pixels is insane! And it definitley feels so out of place. So I think what I will do is remove the 24 and make a 12 point instead so it is 8, 12, 16. I think that will be the more sane choice since 16 pixels is pretty tall.