Actually I believe I have an URI implementation in k8, so time to go digging.


I think I might need an easier to port means for native access since there are so many functions available for usage.


Definitely need like a universal API that can handle many things and such. But I need to make it compatible with Java SE and also have it optimial to how SummerCoat would do it. I think what I can do is have an API number and then also use some kind of packaging. When an API call is made the packaging will depend on the arguments used. Since I want to keep references and such the same across VMs and such, I think this is the best option. API calls will just take the API number and Object. Object will either be Object[] if it is packaged as boxed objects or int[] if it is packaged as raw integer register variables (like used in method invoke).


I do hope this universal API is workable! I think it would greatly simplify how the base SquirrelJME API is implemented and such.