I have an idea. I am going to rework the "Access" classes into system calls which do the same thing. Then also I am going to integrate Assembly with them as well. I will have an index of system calls which take short and they can be made with integer arguments. At least for SpringCoat, doing objectToPointer will create a unique object ID that can be used for the reverse operation. Then also the double/float bits will be done using the assembly stuff as well. But with a single unified interface for making system calls and IDs, that will make it so less classes have to be implemented. It will be limited to integer values only so stuff such as nanoTime() will have to be done in two calls to get the lower and higher values. But this should actually work.


I had another idea for the LCDUI stuff. I can have two kinds of refreshes, just a repaint and a layout update.


Okay, so I am going to slowly replace all the system call stuff.