So it seems the LOAD_POOL on the array type is not correct?


I think it would be easiest if the initial allocator used the actual memory blocks and such rather than taking a huge chunk of things. It would enable things to actually be freed.


I was thinking... having the bootstrap in CLDC is a bit complicated if I could say. So I was wondering... what if I could make a kind of mini-bootstrap VM kind of project which has its own object an dusch. Just a few basic classes that have a specific set of rules for them. Something that completely is standalone and definitely does not represent the entire VM and such. So this could include stuff such as debugging information and otherwise. But it could be enough to initialize the VM with the absolute minimum requirement for starting it. I could also have debugging stuff in the bootstrap and basic system call handling as in doing no-ops except for printing to the console.


Okay so now that I have a supervisor in its own little package with like the very minimalist of classes, I just need to solve having the assembly in multiple places so that it is not duplicated. So co-dependencies for the CLDC and supervisor to share the same assembly stuff.