Now to write the ROM file out so I can work with RatufaCoat.


Oh wow Text._dirty() uses a massive number of registers, I need to actually see if I can reduce that down!


Actually the temporary register is seen as 253 and that comes from a volatile so maybe volatiles are not being cleared but just stacked up?


Okay so it seems that transitions can make it so that stack entries get trashed into nothing, so is a bit weird.


I also have another issue where it seems the code jumps off the end of the method so it may be a method where there is a cached value and nothing happens or similar. So I might need a nop.


Going to make it so the BootRAM can be endian independent. Of course I will still have the giant memory chunk since this will act as the seed but the operations will include the value to be written as well. This simplifies things and will allow me to handle both little and big endian data.


So actually before I go into reworking the bootstrap to be a bit more any endian friendly I am going to make it so SummerCoat can actually use the ROM file. That will help for RatufaCoat and then additionally I can add tests as well. But actually since I need tests, I need to actually build a ROM using the test namespace to get access to all of them. So I need to fork the stuff real quick.


Okay so tomorrow: