So I need a hashmap now, I think I will just have a single class and implement it very simply right now.


Okay so throwing a ClassCastException but then it stops, so this gives me the idea that the exception register is not being cleared on handling like how it happened previously.


Did some exception optimizations, no checking done if all the exception cases were handled already. Also finally did divide by zero check, so that should work out well. Still have the make exception issue but I am pretty sure I know what is going on.


Oh, I should not use the exception register directly when doing make exceptions because then the call to the constructor might end up checking that in which case bad things will happen.


So that fixed the issue, now I have the CCE. So I am guessing that the CCE is made by the instance checker but since null is not an instance of something it fails. So I need a new JVMFunction for this.


Actually no new method is needed, just a null skip.


So if the ROM is okay and SummerCoat fails, then something is wrong in the suite information stuff somewhere.


Seems the problem went away? I guess it was due to a stale buile. But RatufaCoat does not print the string name properly while SummerCoat does.


Now it does not work???