Okay so doing a fresh build of SummerCoat works but then if I relaunch it it seems to not want to work and gets stuck scanning classes.


Okay, it still continues and parses all the libraries (they are initialized) so I guess there is some kind of slowness?


Oh I see, it is actually compiling a huge chunk of the libraries which is where that pause is coming from. So it might be reading some bad memory?


But then it fails in JVM load string with a read way off memory. So this is very likely the crash point. I think I definitely need to make RatufaCoat safer when it comes to memory and having protected regions and such. This way the VM will just stop on invalid accesses instead of just randomly crashing.


Definitely need something better. So would say I could do the same thing with virtual memory but making it a thing everywhere. It could possibly even allow things to run on DOS with like swapping and such potentially.


I believe I need a more complex error state, since I would like to store an error code and a second value as a kind of meaning.


Okay, RatufaCoat could use a bit of a refactor. Everything is in a single source file which was fine at first, but it needs to be a bit cleaner and easier to navigate.


Also instead of the manual memory maps, I am going to add a virtual memory manager and such to handle read/writes of all of it.


I need an actual atomic compare and set instruction otherwise doing monitors and such will be complicated.


Switching all the code to use the virtual memory stuff was complicated, but hopefully I did not mess up anywhere. Will find out if I did. Hopefully it is more stable and does not crash randomly since I do know bad memory is being accessed.